Surface & Bottom

Surface & Bottom

Interactive Installation
Bogotá, Colombia

SURFACE & BOTTOM is an immersive space in between two interactive installations. The exploration of this space is a metaphor to the thought process of searching for meaning and depth. In the 1st installation, the surface, images are projected on a tube-curtain and participants influence those images by touching the tubes and moving them. In the 2nd installation, the bottom, the audience is invited to use chalk to draw on a board and in the process influence the visuals projected on it.

The audio for both installations reacts to the interaction.

Technology & Materials
Projectors, movement sensors, contact mics, sound monitors, wood structure, metal frame, plastic tubes.

Presented at
Salón de Proyectos Ágape
Bogotá, Colombia

Interactive Director Daniel Iregui
Created by Iregular
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