Interactive Installation

with Théodore Ushev

DIAGONALS is a three-metre high steel monolith that detects scratching on its surface and reacts with an audiovisual interpretation of three Norman McLaren films: horizontal lines, vertical lines and synchromy.

McLaren (1914 – 1987) scratched magnetic tape to create and synchronize sounds to images on film. This piece is inspired by his work and technique.

Technology & Materials
Contact microphones, steel structure, sound monitors, projectors.

Presented at
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)
Montreal, Canada

Presented in collaboration with Théodore Ushev
Interactive Direction by Daniel Iregui
Designed and programmed by Iregular
Created for Mclaren Wall-to-Wall 2014 Program
Produced by National Film Board of Canada and Quartier des Spectacles Partnership